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Yeah, I know, long time no post.
Been bouncing between Florida and mass, visitng friends (and the lovely krankykittyKrankykitty
pics here:

Was an extra in a Troma Film: Poultry Geist

pics here:

Was at the Man Ray closing, but missed the lat couple of days:

Bought at the Man Ray auction, a single person, 7 foot tall Cast Iron Cage. Not sure what I am gonna do with it, but I have a Single Person Cast Iron Cage. Will find a pic somewhere.

Danicing Strom Troopers here:

Was trying to egg them into a fight with a couple of guys dressed as Klingons, but did not happen. ;-)

Went to a benifit show for a sick Dog, a basement show of The Automatons:

Great X-Mass with my family:

Certainly better than last years:

New Years was eh, got lost on the way to a SASQUATCH and the SICK-A-BILLYS 
better than last years, when I was rang in the New Year whilst getting rocketed amd mortared while chatting with my former best friend. And, no, did not tell 'em what was going on, did not want to spoil her new year.

Got a new Tattoo:

More pics here:

Am doing OK, not totaly readjusted to civilian life, do not get out as much as I would have liked, still have not gone to NYC as planned (no place to crash anymore, but still may do an overnighter. Not the first time I slept on the sidewalk waiting for the bus :-D ), need to overhaul my wardrobe.
Have not fullfilled all my goals on coming back, but making progress.
Still way too nice to people who try to take advantage of me. Trying to work on it without becoming an complete asshole.
Will update more often.
Cannot wait for Arisia, and a special friend coming to visit. :-D
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