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Yeah, I know it has been a long time since I wrote. When I am in a better mood, I will start telling stories again.
I will be back in North Carolina very beginning of July, hopefully home mid-July.
Really lookig forward to it. So glad to get out of Iraq. A combat tour is a great thing to have done, but not so fun doing it.
Mostly positive experience, but recently it has been more negative. Very negative.
Much has happened, some good, some bad, and I will try to start updating much more frequently.
I am NOT re-enlisting, not going to get a Commision, I am done with the Army.
Going to get a real job when I get back, start making money again, so I can have some FUN! (After a break of course)
Start working on my MBA. Blah.
Find some place to get a body piercing apprenticeship. Just for fun.
Buy a classic (pre-1950's) car, rebuild it.
Reconnect with old friends, connect with new, jettison the deadwood and the users. Big time house cleaning.
Tell people how I feel. Don't like it, time to move on.
Give ultimatums.
Stop dwelling on the past.
Try to figure out why, when people who have treated me like crap go thru a hard time, I still want to help them. (see above)
Not nearly the same person I was when I left.
Gonna be changes in my life.
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